Attributes of a Veteran

Attributes of a Veteran

Attributes of a Veteran

Posted: 28/11/2023


Veterans get stuff done.

This is an innate part of almost every person that has served in the UK Armed Forces.

When the government needs help, whether it be for Covid, foot and mouth disease, fire/ambulance/customs strikes or anything else, they invariably call on the military.

Their ‘can do’ attitude transfers into business, meaning, irrespective of whether it’s in the job spec, they will find a way of making it happen.

This comes from instilling, during basic training, a strong team ethic and a sense of doing the right thing.

Having had to operate in difficult conditions on operations in Iraq or Afghanistan has given our veterans a belief that they, as an individual or part of a team, can make a difference.

The positive attitude that Service personnel display is unrivalled. They are often given a start and end state, and are required to figure out the middle part without direction, often in hugely challenging environments, and (almost) always with a smile on their face. 😊

This positivity can only benefit UK businesses.


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