Terms & Conditions

Terms and Conditions


GB Shared Ltd operates a network of countywide sharing platforms, collectively referred to as "Share Sites," including but not limited to Lancashare, Mancheshare, Cumbriashare, Yorkshare, Merseyshare, and more (hereinafter collectively referred to as "Share Sites"). These Share Sites serve as platforms for businesses across the UK to share information, knowledge, opportunities, and resources within their respective counties, to encourage local working and collaborations and wider positive impacts at local and global levels.

The Gen, our national youth platform (hereafter referred to as "The Gen") is owned by GB Shared trading as The Gen, it operates with content powered by our 'share site' member businesses. The Gen audiences include young adults (16-24), education and parents/carers. The Gen aims to bridge the gap between young people, education and industry and to centralise and 'share' opportunities, advice, support and resources, direct from the business community to young adults to aid their life journey.

Content includes personal, professional, academia, entrepreneurial and wider support and life skills. Further educational resources are available, such as link to employers, guest speakers and teachers, work placements and internships. All content is validated before being shared. The Gen is not monetised and therefore all membership registrations to it, are free of charge.

Membership and Usage

• General

  1. All "Share Sites" and "The Gen" are trading names of GB Shared Ltd.
  2. Access to Share Sites is free for all visitors. Visitors can browse and download information without creating an account.
  3. Visitors can create a registered free account to receive updates from our Share Sites or The Gen.
  4. Beyond visitors, there are three types of accounts:

    Free Users: Register with their name and email address

    Paid Users: Register with their company name and email address. Paid Users are further allowed to allocate access to their company sub-users.

    The Gen Users: Register with their name and email. All registrations to The Gen are asked to specify their audience category (parent/carer, education, employer, or young adult). Young adults must be 16 and over to register.

Content Sharing

  1. Paid users only can share content to our share sites
  2. Content will be approved or declined according to our 'sharing policy' which can be found on your dashboard or welcome pack.
  3. Any content flagged as 'suitable for youth' will be secondary validated before approval to The Gen for safeguarding purposes.
  4. Paid users must have explicit permission from their organisation to create associated page listings.
  5. Paid users must ensure they have other relevant permissions (copyright and licences to use specific images/content) to share it. Members take full responsibility for any images or content we share on their behalf.
  6. GB Shared aims to share member content via our unique sharing mediums which may include to our platforms, social media, video content, newsletters, e-shots, sector groups, forums or our digital magazines.
  7. Sharing intends to increase member visibility, digital and sustainable footprints. To be transparent in our returns, paid user accounts will track, share, measure, report and reward all members' shared activity.


All users, whether free or paid, can receive automatic notifications based on their membership and self-indicated preferences and can opt out at any time.

Free users can opt into the following notifications;

  1. i Membership renewal reminders
  2. ii Job alerts
  3. iii Tender alerts
  4. iii Event updates
  5. iv Introductions
  6. v Funding alerts, and other site related information.

Paid users can opt into the following notifications

  1. i Weekly Newsletter
  2. ii Monthly Reports
  3. iii Job Alerts
  4. iv Funding Alerts
  5. v Tender Alerts
  6. vi Sector Groups
  7. vii Digital Magazines
  8. viii Surveys & Data
  9. viiii Introductions
  10. x Guest Speaking / Teaching
  11. xi Member Meetings

All users can control their notification preferences and opt-ins from their login dashboard and amend or turn them off at any time

Data Storage and Privacy

  1. Paid user data is stored for 12 months from the date of registration. After this period, should they not renew, membership expires, and associated listings will be removed.
  2. Paid users have the right to retain 'free user' status to continue receiving (but not sharing) site information beyond membership expiry.
  3. We maintain the ability to reinstate listings for 6 months following membership lapse, beyond which measured returns will be deleted.
  4. All user data is securely stored in a regulated data centre and is only shared with third-party organisations responsible for hosting our website, server and CRM system, who are GDPR compliant.
  5. Anyone over 18 can register as a free user to our share sites, they must be 16 to register with The Gen, to access information and opportunities, all we capture is a name and email address.
  6. We do not share any user emails with any third parties without explicit user permission.
  7. Free users stay registered [and opted into certain notifications based on their preferences] until such time they opt out or amend their notification preferences. Annual reminders may be sent to inactive accounts of the ability to opt out or close your account.
  8. Additionally, our privacy and cookie policies are both readily available on all platforms and should be considered alongside these terms.

Marketing Communications

  1. Members can opt in or out of our weekly newsletter containing updates about GB Shared Ltd.’s activities.
  2. Members can opt out of these communications by clicking the unsubscribe button or by choosing to opt out on their dashboard preferences.
  3. Opting out of marketing newsletters will not affect automatic or self-indicated notifications related to wider membership, tenders, or job notifications.
  4. Users may further subscribe separately to our quarterly digital publications and opt out or unsubscribe at any time.

Content Sharing and Responsibilities

• Content Upload

  1. Members are responsible for uploading content in line with their membership package.
  2. Members may upload content about their own organisations, although content can relate to other organisations, the content must primarily refer to the member organisation.
  3. Members must ensure explicit permission to share company details on behalf of the joining organisation has been acquired and that the appropriate content licencing, insurances, and copyrights are in place.
  4. All shared images and wording must be owned by the member or have the absolute permissions or rights to share the content or images in question. GB Shared will not be held responsible for sharing of third-party content.

• Membership Duration

  1. Paid membership lasts for one year, unless otherwise agreed in writing.
  2. Free membership has no end date, members are able to unsubscribe or opt out at their convenience at any time.
  3. Paid membership is by card or direct debit and begins on the first day of membership for one year.
  4. Cancellations in year will end membership with immediate effect. Cancellations do not warrant a refund

  1. Paid users have access to a dashboard displaying cumulative statistics on member activity & returns.
  2. We further offer members a complete ROI report detailing measured activity and returns received from their membership.
  3. These returns include but are not limited to; digital exposure (views, clicks, impressions, web conversions) visibility, sustainable rewards, introductions, tender and funding wins, and other member related returns.

Specific Membership Benefits

• Use of Share Logos

  1. Paid Members may use our Share brand logos on their own websites and marketing materials such as email and signature strips.
  2. It is recommended paid members link Share logos to their own share listing to retain as much traffic as possible. ensuring that logos are displayed without distortion.
  3. Our logos are readily available on user dashboards for downloading purposes.
  4. Where membership expires, we expect previous users to remove said logo and links from their own marketing.

• Use of Paid Member Logos

  1. Paid Members are requested to upload a hi-res version of their own company logo to their share site.
  2. GB Shared media teams will use this version to promote their members across our various sharing mediums, driving traffic back to their core listings for measuring returns and impact purposes.
  3. GB Shared should be alerted to any brand changes to ensure our marketing moves in line with member branding.

• Data Sharing

  1. Where requested, GB Shared Ltd may facilitate introductions between members.
  2. Where requests are made or synergies between members are identified, provided both parties have opted into introductions we will facilitate a connection between both parties.
  3. Connections are tracked to monitor where they might lead to the creation of local supply chains, this is simply to highlight the benefits, impact and returns for sharing.
  4. Where connections are facilitated, both party emails will be released, explicit permission from both parties will be sought prior to email sharing between members.

• Security and Passwords

  1. Members must not share their login or password with third parties.
  2. For each joining organisation, up to 5 users can be assigned, each with their own login and password.
  3. Each user will receive their own returns, whilst an overarching company return report will also be available.

• Inappropriate Content

  1. Members must not upload lewd, inappropriate, or offensive information or material, which will be considered a breach of these terms and could result in membership termination.
  2. GB Shared further reserve the right to remove or not publish inappropriate content.
  3. GB Shared will monitor and approve content in line with member sharing where content meets our approved sharing guidelines.

• Charity Benefits

  1. Charities are eligible for a significant discount on annual membership fees, provided they can provide a charity registration number.
  2. GB Shared encourages local organisations to pass on social values at local level, we further encourage local organisations to work with and support charities and young adults.
  3. In our new national platform iteration (2024) charities will have the ability to 'gift points' to organisations who give them social values, via their dashboard.

Types of Content and Permissions

• Types of Content for Sharing

  1. Member businesses can only upload information in specific categories, including but not limited to: "Our Services," "Membership," "Offers," "Jobs," "Tenders," "Events," "News," "Skills & Training," "Funding," "Awards," "Networking Groups," and "Property."
  2. Members businesses must adhere to our sharing guidelines and only share content primarily for their own organisation.
  3. Whilst GB Shared will ensure full platform functionality and tools to ensure good brand promotion, members are responsible for their own content, spellings, images and associated shared content.

• Permission for Business Data

  1. Members creating paid accounts consent that they have explicit permission from their companies to upload business-related content on their behalf.
  2. Paid members must ensure the correct permissions, licencing, copyrights or insurances and take full responsibility for any unlicenced content, images or third part content links.

Communication and Renewals

• Communication and Updates

  1. GB Shared Ltd communicates with members via email to provide updates on Share Sites activities and statistics related to their accounts.
  2. Members can control their communication preferences via their dashboard and login screens at any time.
  3. Members will only receive share communication and content in line with their own indicated preferences.

• Renewals

  1. Membership will automatically renew for paid members, unless they login and downgrade to a free account before expiry.
  2. GB Shared offers member businesses 2 payment methods, in full by card online or by direct debit.
  3. Our payment methods are secure and payment details are securely processed by stripe. Card details are encrypted and stored for renewal purposes only by Stripe, our online payment facility. GB Shared holds no customer card or financial data.

• Cancellations and Refunds

  1. In-year cancellations do not warrant a refund in full or in part, except in cases where a complaint is upheld.
  2. Cancellations may happen either by in writing or users can login to downgrade or close their account.

Complaints and Account Deactivation

• Complaints

  1. Complaints should be submitted to with a subject line of 'complaint'.
  2. GB Shared Ltd aims to respond to complaints within three working days.
  3. Cancellation of subscriptions will result in related listings being removed from Share Sites and a deletion of returns and statistical data.

• Account Deactivation

  1. All registered users can deactivate or delete their accounts at any time via their login or in writing to GB Shared.


By using GB Shared Ltd.’s Share Sites, you agree to abide by these terms and conditions. GB Shared Ltd reserves the right to update these terms and notify members of any changes.

If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us at

[Date of Last Update: [July 2023]]